Web Design, Hosting, and Other Web Services

We are Windom Park Digital.

We specialize in providing a great web presence at affordable prices to small businesses, organizations, and individuals. From domain name registration, web design, and hosting to maintenance and content management and more, we will provide everything you need to be up and running on the web. Our service is designed to ease your mind about your website and let you concentrate on doing what you do best.

We are a small business like you.

Your time and money are valuable. You need to tell your story efficiently and to the point. Your web presence should be a sharp representation of who you are. You and your organization are unique and offer an exceptional experience. We have a lot in common.

We believe we can help you.

Your project is our priority. Our goals are your goals. We can look at your organization and your objectives and create a website that fits your needs.


Our Services.

We are a service based company that will manage of all your website needs. We offer a one-stop solution and a great working relationship for an effective web solutions experience. One call at 612-721-8890 can get you started today.

  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Supplementary

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Our Prices.

All right, let's keep this simple. To get up and running on the web you'll need a domain name, a website, and a hosting package. We can provide all of these services for you and more.

Domain Name

A domain name is your web address name, like www.yourbizname.com. We'll search, find and secure your business a domain name if you don't already have one. Cost: $20/year.


The website, of course, is the thing you look at when surfing the web. We will create one for you with the pages you specify. The pages are usually designated by things like Home, About Us, Blog, Services, Log In, and Contact Us. Cost: $295 for the main page and $95 per additional page. For example, a website with a Home, About Us, and a Contact page would cost $295+$95+$95 = $485.


Hosting is the "rent" you pay to have your website on the web. We will host your site and manage any emails that would be associated with the site. Email addresses can be added (up to 25 emails free) with any name you need, like yourname@yourbizname.com or info@yourbizname.com. Hosting costs are calculated with how much bandwidth and storage space you'll need. Generally, a small business or organization doesn't need a lot of bandwidth and emails. Costs start at $120/year for hosting services.

Maintenance/Content Management

After you're up and running on the web, your site may need content changes from time to time. If you're using Word Press or any othe Content Management System (CMS) website, updates are needed as well for security and performance reasons. We can manage your website for you in varying degrees, depending on your needs and budget. We can customize a plan that fits your business and makes sense to you. For pricing, give us a call or email us here!

Supplementary Services

We offer other services such as photos for your site, logos, copywriting, SEO integration, Word Press training, and general web consulting for your business. We also know many great companies and freelancers that do impressive work that falls outside of our scope and can point you in their direction if needed. Inquire here on how we can help you!

Non profit and community group discounts

Non profits, community groups, churches, and educational organizations may be eligible to receive a 10% discount on final web design prices. Inquire at 612-721-8890 or email us info@windomparkdigital.com for details.


Contact us.

You can reach us by calling 612-721-8890.

Sometimes a phone call is easier. When you call, we will answer the phone. Worst case scenario is that you'll leave a voice mail. We do not use a frustrating, time-wasting, automated answering system that tests the patience of well... anyone.

Email us at info@windomparkdigital.comhere.

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You can mail any inquiries to:

  1. Windom Park Digital LLC
  2. 1930 Pierce St NE
  3. Minneapolis, MN 55418
  1. Email Address: info@windomparkdigital.com
  2. Phone Number: 612-721-8890
web design

Web Design

We love to use WordPress but we can also code from scratch or from templates as well. We like clean, efficient and responsive design that will make you and your business look professional and inviting, on all kinds of devices.



Our hosting platform is designed to host different CMS sites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) which includes MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. We support e-commerce sites too of course! We can also combine an affordable hosting and maintenance package so your website presence will be completely worry free!



We can take care of your website for you so you can focus on what you do best. We can provide updates, site back-ups, and content changes for you. Website stats and Google Analytics integration is available as well. We can also secure and manage your domain names (which you'll own plus the rights) for you!


Supplemental Services

We like to personalize our websites with pictures, videos, and images that reflect your business, mission, and personality. We can take photos of your organization and apply them in effective ways on your site to represent you in the best way possible. We also provide copywriting, logos, SEO integration, email, Word Press training and business consultation too. We know and work with a lot of different players in the digital, business, and graphic arts world and can point you in a good direction if your needs fall outside our scope!